Are you interested in doing lessons with me directly at a distance?

Contact me and we will find the ideal solution to manage everything via Skype! (or other platform of your choice)

You can manage the lessons online as you wish, you can follow an intensive course of a few months, structure a long-term program, or even a single “one-off” lesson to get clarification on individual topics. All of course, stand by comfortably at home, and being able to choose days and times that you prefer.


We check the connection, launch the call, and … GO!!! We are online to talk about anything you want, concerning our tool!

We can establish together a detailed program, a path, we will use methods and scores of your choice, depending on what interests you, you can ask me to help you transcribe and learn any song you need, of course we can listen to it together, you can send me links to the songs of your band, or just some Youtube videos of the artist you’re interested in!


Download the form below to take a look at the different formulas: