This book is useless.

In our age, having a book that teaches us to play the electric bass, or a musical instrument in general, is totally useless. Do not buy it. Do not download it. Do not care about.

In our age it is useless to rely on a book to learn to play, let alone a qualified teacher or a school; to the same extent that it is useless to go to the doctor.

Let me explain: most people, by now, at the first symptoms of illness, throw themselves on wikipedia to understand what can be; in the same way, if one decides that he particularly likes an instrument, like our electric bass, he slingshot on youtube, to look for videos of someone who plays this or that other song, and learn like that. Maybe, using the tabs, published online by millions of users who, sometimes, probably do not have these great technical skills.

That’s how it works, nowadays. Degree in medicine thrown away by a couple of clik, and diplomas from conservatories and academies that do the same thing.

Not bad, the world evolves in this direction, we acknowledge and act accordingly.

The advice I give you is to continue to go to the doctor, it is your health … As for the bass, I thought of meeting you with this book.

In these pages you will find the usual boring exercises, the much-hated pentagram, and the usual obsolete request to invest some time instead of demanding everything immediately; but, at the same time, you will find the use of these modern learning systems: many exercises are on youtube, performed by myself, the tabs where needed, alternating with the pentagram, and many references to real songs, existing and even recent, ranging between more genres.

This book will not make you good bass players, and in general, nothing can ever replace a good teacher who will explain things to you even between jokes and laughter. But at least, it will try to convey to you the passion necessary to really learn to play a magnificent instrument: the electric bass.

P.Š. Why “to the F” and not to the “Z”? Study and you will discover it …